The Top Post On Reddit Is About Tuscaloosa

The top post on popular link site Reddit is of the slide at Tuscaloosa’s C Snow Hinton Park.

If you think Tuscaloosa is only known for being the home of the Capstone and the greatest college football team in the history of the world, you’d be wrong. Tuscaloosa is also now known for our… slides?

The top post on Reddit, a popular link sharing site that proclaims itself to be “the front page of the internet” is about C Snow Hinton Park.

The post which was in Reddit’s pics subreddit shows the new super slide at Snow Hinton Park. The slide, which opened at the end of June is the largest slide in the southeast at 38 feet long.

The posts says “My town just installed a new death trap for children…” , which of course is nonsense. The slide is enclosed and its spiderweb design is actually very popular in Europe because it keeps children from falling to the ground.

As you can imagine Tuscaloosa Redditors were quick to realize what the post was a picture of and a “Roll Tide” comment train of course started.

If you haven’t been out to C Snow Hinton park to check out the slide, you should do it. One of the many great things about Tuscaloosa is its amazing Parks department. Tuscaloosa has a better park system than any city I’ve ever lived in big or small.

If slides aren’t your thing you can also check out the amazing trails at Munny Sokal Park or enjoy Tuscaloosa’s river walk.